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Joseph M. Fisher

Orlando, FL

Interactive Multimedia Developer/Designer

Expertise in Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, and Programming

***Analytical and creative professional with over 7 years experience in Instructional Systems Design (Training and eLearning) industry. Developed interactive applications, games, menus, icons, presentations, GUIs, simulations, e-cards and websites.

Areas of Expertise

  • User Experience (UI/UX)

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration

  • Cartooning

  • Animation

  • Web Design

  • Sound Design

  • Web Development

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Design Analysis

  • Application Development

  • eLearning

  • Quality Control

  • Software/Game testing

  • Photography

  • 3D Modeling and Animation

  • Video Production

Technical Proficiencies

Languages / Tools:

Adobe Flash Professional 3 thru CS6 · ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 · COBOL · FORTRAN · Turbo Pascal · BASIC/QBasic · C · JavaScript · PHP · XHTML · AJAX · jQuery · YUI · HTML5 · CSS2 · CSS3 · XML · Adobe Director · Lingo ·Visio · PowerPoint · GL Studio · Dream Weaver · Flash Develop · Home Site 4.5 · Swift 3D · SVN · JIRA · Confluence

Operating Systems:

VAX/VMS · MPE · Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 · Mac OS 8, 9 & 10/X

Graphics / Video:

Adobe Creative Suite 6 (InDesign · Photoshop · Illustrator · Acrobat · Premiere · After Effects · Flash Professional · Audition) · QuarkXPress · MS Office · MS PowerPoint · Adobe ImageReady · Adobe Fireworks · Corel Painter · 3D Studio Max · Swift3D · MDM Zinc (Flash to exe) · Quicktime · SoundEdit/Forge

Career Chronicle

Carley Corporation - Orlando, Florida (March 2009 to May 2014)

Carley Corporation specializes in large scale complex programs and provides custom-designed training solutions to improve human performance.

Programmer (Courseware)
Developed Computer Based Training (CBT) using Flash, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to dynamically: determine navigation through course pages by (menus, buttons, assessment results), track student progress, store data to Flash cookies by lesson/topic, and change HTML elements. Created Flash-based level 3 interactive activities (games). Debugged CBT by testing all software to ensure final product is free of errors and ready for delivery.

Familiar with ADL SCORM and ADA Section 508 compliance/accessibility requirements.

Graphic Designer
Worked closely with SMEs and Instructional Systems Designers to develop graphics and animations for interactive CBT/web-based training projects for government and military contracts.

AS3 Lead Programmer (Simulation)
Co-designed intuitive OS-like UI for aircraft fuel systems simulation that impressed upper management as well as the customer. Designed system requirements. Created UI graphics. Took over programming of existing simulation engine code base built in ActionScript and XML, added new features and maintained it. Coded ActionScript in FlashDevelop and published in Flex SDK. Utilized SVN source control for code.

Arabian Nights - Kissimmee, Florida ( September 2008 to March 2009)

Arabian Nights, was an Orlando dinner show attraction, described as “a fairy tale on horseback”.

Computer Programmer/Game Designer/Build Engineer

Co-designed Palace Of Horses, a take-care-of-your-pet video game which was was developed to run on Mac and Windows. Created game application wrapper using MDM Zinc to run Flash game on Mac and PC with features not available to the native Flash projector. Created installers and updates/patches for each minor/major build. Utilized Unix scripting with SVN commands to create builds. Extensively tested the game and suggested many fixes and improvements which were implemented. Introduced the team to SVN source control and issue/bug tracking software and taught them how to use it.


Unitech (Purchased by Lockheed Martin) - Winter Park, Florida (Mar 2006 - Sept 2008)

Unitech is a leader in interactive training, simulation and security, solutions-oriented professional services company specializing in first-response training and simulation, international and federal programs, maritime security and technology and training solutions.

Multimedia Designer/Developer

Created courseware using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flash. Programmed interactive training lessons and games using Flash ActionScript 2.0. Created Flash components. Programmed new company website from scratch using Flash, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, XML, jQuery and YUI. Created graphics and animations for interactive courseware.

Fisher Arts - Denver, Colorado (Jan 2002 - Mar 2006)

Business Owner and Multimedia Designer/Developer

Created websites, GUIs, interactive Flash applications/presentations, cartoons/illustrations, 3D animation, and multimedia CD-ROMs for various clients. Optimized websites for search engines (SEO). Clients included CorAccess, Space Imaging, Bae Systems, and Martin Martin.

Intellocity USA, Inc. - (now OpenTV) (Nov 1999 - Jan 2002)

Multimedia Designer/Developer

Created graphics, interface designs, animation, multimedia content and video. Developed code for interactive television applications and CD-ROMs. Co-designed and built company website. Created trademarked company mascot and designed a "bendy toy" from sketch, to sculpted prototype, through to production.

Prior to 2000 Denver, Colorado - Web Designer/Developer

U.S. Geological Survey Denver, Colorado - Web Designer

Colorado Institute of Art Denver, CO - Computer Lab Assistant

Fiserv - Financial Data Service Titusville, FL - Computer Operator


Art Institute of Colorado – Denver, Colorado

Associate of Arts Computer Animation

Accumulative 3.8 GPA ∙ 2 Colorado Merit Scholarship Awards ∙ 6x Dean's List

Brevard Community College – Titusville, Florida

Associate of Science Computer Programming

Volunteer Work
Volunteered for 4 years with the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC) teaching special needs adults to create digital art and animation.